”Tim Watson Jr., Esq. is the best lawyer with whom I have ever worked. He is one of the sharpest individuals I have ever met, and has an absolute heart of gold- he is truly for the people. Tim helped me to win my case; he put my mind at ease when I was anxious awaiting my hearing, then defended me in a way that truly touched my heart. He is honest, accurate, and truly astute. In a moment when I was overwhelmed and my mind was blank, Tim came through for me with such brilliant analysis, that I was really taken aback. He is just awesome. Tim Watson deserves every penny that he makes. He is an absolutely awesome person and lawyer. Tim is of the highest moral quality I have ever seen in a lawyer- he is truly cut from a finer cloth. Tim is the best of the best!!!”

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value