Among other things, Tim is a lawyer, and that is where he found his calling. Tim joined his father’s law practice in 2011 and was joined a year later by his brother Todd. Tim Sr, the patriarch of the firm, has practiced law in Arkansas since 1969, and from 2011 to 2024, the three practices together as the Law Offices of Watson and Watson, PLLC, with offices in Newport, Little Rock and Fayetteville..

In 2024, Tim merged his practice with Darren Gibbs and Buffie Merryman, with whom he has been friends since law school, to form MGW Law Partners. MGW and Watson and Watson work together to provide caring and dedicated legal representation to clients across the state of Arkansas and beyond. Tim’s practice is focused on helping those who have been injured due to the lack of care of others, including medical malpractice, and several areas of civil litigation in general including construction and contract litigation; what Tim calls “helping people with disagreements about their agreements”.
Tim is excited to be working alongside his friends and his family to help those who need it most.


Tim was born in raised in Newport, Arkansas before obtaining a bachelors degree from Rhodes College in Memphis. After college, Tim worked in real estate development in Austin, travelled and taught English in Europe, and lived and worked in New York City before realizing his calling was work in the law. Tim eventually returned to Arkansas to attend law school at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and finished school at UT in Austin, Texas. After returning home to practice for several years in Newport with his brother and father, he expanded the firm into Northwest Arkansas where he has since established his practice.


A contract is an agreement. The purpose of a contract is to reach understanding so that everyone knows what they are supposed to do and can hold the other accountable. Contracts don’t have to be written; a written contract only serves as evidence of the agreement. Even the most expertly worded contract sometimes results in litigation. Tim is an experienced trial lawyer with a flair for work in the courtroom and loves the opportunity to advocate for his clients.


Tim graduated from law school in Fayetteville and was admitted to the Arkansas Bar in 2011. After law school, Tim worked closely with his father and brother in their office in Newport. For a long time, the Law Offices of Watson and Watson has been a full-service law firm, representing clients from all walks of life in many areas of law. Tim spent the early part of his career litigating for criminal defendants, helping clients obtain custody of their children or successfully negotiate divorces with complex property disputes. Tim developed a fondness for work in contract law early in his career and has developed that area of his practice as he moved across the state to found the firm’s Fayetteville office in 2016.


Northwest Arkansas is growing, and with that growth comes building. Whether a contractor or a property owner, agreements involving the construction of new structures or the improvements to older structures can have a multitude of hidden perils. It is not at all uncommon for disputes about construction to involve several areas of the law outside the narrow confines of “contract law”. For several years Tim has successfully represented literally dozens of clients, on both sides of the construction, in litigation involving agreements for building and remodeling. This is an exciting time to live in Northwest Arkansas, and Tim is thrilled to have the opportunity to help this part of the state grow by helping contractors and property owners get the benefit of their bargain.


Tim has been interested and active in his community since he returned to Newport in 2011 to practice. He was the founder and original chairman of the Jackson County Single Parent Scholarship Fund. He worked as part of the Charitable Foundation with Newport Public Schools to provide grants for programs and opportunities for young people. He was the high school tennis coach from 2012 to 2016, and the youth group leader at the Episcopal Church for the same period. He has been an active member of Rotary, and is a Paul Harris Fellow with two terms as president of his chapter. In 2014 Tim was awarded Volunteer Attorney of the Year in Arkansas, and has served as a Board Member on the Arkansas Legal Aid Board since 2017. He is active in the Arkansas Bar and the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, and serves as a committee member of the High School Mock Trial Committee.


Since the early days of his practice, Tim Watson Sr has been involved in real estate transactions and represented clients involved in real estate disputes in Arkansas. Tim and his brother Todd have had an excellent mentor in the senior member of the firm and have continued the tradition of active practice in real estate law all over the State. That involves everything from transfers of property to boundary line disputes to condemnation suits, in which the government takes all or part of your land.


Tim is happily married to his beautiful wife Britney, who is an elementary school principal, and lives with his precocious step children Finley and Zoey (who were not at all hurt at all in the making of these videos). As the commercial suggests, Tim does have four kidneys, stemming from two kidney transplants earlier in life. Tim is thankfully ferociously healthy, and his experiences in the medical field has inspired advocacy of clients with claims for medical malpractice which, along with “disagreements about agreements”, has become his passion.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Estate planning involves preparing for the management and distribution of your assets upon your death. This includes creating a will to name beneficiaries and an executor to oversee asset distribution. Trusts can also be used to manage and distribute assets, while providing tax benefits and asset protection. Powers of attorney and healthcare directives are also important documents to consider. Working with an estate planning attorney ensures that your wishes are carried out and loved ones provided for after you are gone.


Tim’s job is quite literally to learn who you are, and once learning, to figure out how the law can work in your favor. All the members of MGW Law Partners are dedicated to their clients and their communities, and embrace every opportunity to talk with anyone who might wish to learn what a lawyer does and might do with them.


Tim isn’t kidding, he really wants to know who you are.

Tim and his team would love the opportunity to meet you and discuss your legal needs. If you are in need of an attorney, if you think you might need one someday, or if you aren’t sure at all but would like to talk to one, Tim wants to talk to you too. Please provide your information and we will reach out to you immediately!

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